After A Year-Long Fight, Pup Born Without A Nose Celebrates Her First Birthday

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This unique little puppy, named Goose, was born missing most of her nose. Her condition has caused her nostrils to be inside her mouth, her top lip is a bilateral cleft, and she’s missing most of her top teeth.

Sanctuary Rescue, located in Midlothian, Virginia, is a foster-based animal rescue whose goal is to “take the hopeless dogs sitting on death row and not only give them a chance at life, but to give them a chance at the best life.”

Sanctuary Rescue/Facebook

They took great care of little Goose and adopted her as their own, but they weren’t sure how long they would have with her. Goose wasn’t expected to live very long, but she has just made it to a very important milestone: her first birthday!

Sanctuary Rescue/Facebook

Goosie has defied all of the odds and is still hanging in there! Sanctuary Rescue thought it would be only right if they had a giant first birthday for her. It was a huge success, with more than 300 people attending to celebrate Goose’s one year of life.

Sanctuary Rescue/Facebook

Goose’s parents at Sanctuary Rescue absolutely adore Goose and have expressed their gratitude for everyone who came to celebrate her birthday with them.

Sanctuary Rescue/Facebook

“Each morning when I hear Goosie start to stir in her playpen I get excited. Every time I snuggle her and she starts to yawn and stretch my heart melts a little. Every time I see her get excited about meatballs, I get excited, too,” Goose’s mom wrote on Sanctuary Rescue’s Facebook page.

Sanctuary Rescue/Facebook

“Every little thing about her makes me happy, and although I’ve always felt your love for her, too, hearing so many people yesterday tell me how much they care for her and look forward to seeing her, how they wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is check for a Goosie update, well, it’s just so damn beautiful.”

Check Sanctuary Rescue’s Facebook for daily updates on Goose.

Below is a video of Goosie playing with her doggy friends. She may look different, but she can play just like any other pup!

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