Wounded Dog Shows Great Resilience, Limps To Hospital After Escaping Kidnappers

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A German Shepherd named Silla was 9 months old when he was stolen from Amasya province in northern Turkey. His owner, Serdar Keskindir, was crushed to see his faithful companion gone. So, he announced a 2,000-TRY ($360) cash reward for getting Silla back.

Source: Unilad/Facebook


As news of the reward spread, the kidnappers quietly dumped Silla and ran off. But, poor Silla ended up being attacked by a pack of stray dogs. However, even in this critical state, the vulnerable dog kept his fighting spirit intact.

In this video footage, Silla is seen dragging himself through the gates of a hospital. He stumbles through the steps before the doctors finally take notice of him. Even at his young age, he has the intelligence to know and recognize a place that can help him out!

Source: Unilad/Facebook


Another video filmed by the hospital staff shows Silla patiently waiting as he receives treatment from an emergency professional. Serdar eventually located Silla and was relieved to see him doing well. He was very proud of Silla for surviving the crisis on his own. What a brave and resourceful pooch!

Click the video below to watch the brave Silla finding his way to the hospital and receiving treatment!

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