Woman Throws 11 Pets On The Road & Drives Off, Will Face Fine & Jail Time If Found

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A recent CCTV footage from Florida shows a woman dumping her 11 pets in the middle of the road. The unidentified woman pushed 10 cats and a senior dog out of her car, and then drove off without any care for their safety.

Source: C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter/Facebook


C.A.R.E. Animal Shelter (Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort, Inc.) has revealed that the woman had approached them earlier to surrender her pets, but the shelter did not have adequate space for all of them. Following this, the woman dumped her pets despite a warning sign in the shelter that pronounced the illegality of her actions.

When the volunteers discovered the woman’s despicable act, they immediately informed the authorities. The abandoned animals had all scattered away in panic. It took the volunteers days to find all the animals and bring them back to safety.

Source: ABC Action News/YouTube


The authorities are currently on the lookout for the woman. She will be facing animal cruelty charges when caught, and will also be added to the county’s animal abuser registry. She will be dealt with hefty fines and possible prison time. We hope that she is caught soon and faces the consequences for her heartless crime.

Click the video below to watch the story on this cruel act of abandonment.

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