Woman T.ormented & D.isfigured Her Puppy For Weeks To ‘Keep Her Quiet’

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Shadow, a Labrador-German Shepherd mix puppy, is now healing after she was tortured for days by her former owner.

Shadow was left with a disfigured nose and mouth, with a deep scar all around.

Celestial Zoo/Facebook

Her former owner, Alexis Callen of Murray, Utah, admitted to tying a hair tie around Shadow’s mouth to keep her quiet so she could sleep.

She also told police that she left the hair tie on her for 48 hours, but based on the damage, vets believe it may have been on her for up to two weeks.

Celestial Zoo/Facebook

Callen then posted on Facebook, asking to re-home the pup saying Shadow was injured and Callen couldn’t afford vet bills.

Shadow’s foster mom’s cousin saw the post and picked Shadow up. She and her foster mom, Caylla Facemyer, took her to the vet and called police.

Fox 13

The Celestial Zoo Pet Rescue then took Shadow in to help with her medical needs. Shadow can’t eat or drink properly due to a hole in her cheek from the damage. She will need reconstructive surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Celestial Zoo/Facebook

In the mean time, she is being showered with love in her new foster home, and despite everything she’s been through, she’s still very affectionate and loves attention.

Her former owner was arrested on a felony charge of torturing a companion animal.

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