Woman T.ies Puppy’s Snout For Weeks Because She “Whined” Too Much, Pup Can’t Eat Now

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A 3-month-old black Labrador pup named Shadow was left severely injured, disfigured, and struggling to eat or drink after her teen owner tied her snout with an elastic hair tie for days. 19-year old Alexis Callen was identified as the a.buser when she shared a post on Facebook asking to rehome the mutilated Shadow.

Source: Celestial Zoo/Facebook


When Shadow’s plight started getting attention on social media, Cottonwood Animal Hospital stepped in to rescue the pup and give her the much-needed emergency medical attention. The vet believes that Shadow’s deep injuries indicate her snout was fastened for 2 weeks. Shadow needed an emergency reconstructive surgery that cost about $2000. Many animal lovers donated to help Shadow get her surgery.

Meanwhile, investigations eventually led the police to identify Alexis Callan as the a.buser. She has presented a dubious account claiming that just wanted to make the pup keep quiet. However, since Alexis was Shadow’s sole guardian and refused her medical care, she is wanted by the police on c.ruelty charges. Let’s get the word out and help catch the culprit.

Source: Celestial Zoo/Facebook


Recent Update: Alexis was recently caught by the police, where she admitted her a.buse towards Shadow. She was apparently annoyed by Shadow’s “whining”, so she clamped her snout shut for 48 hours. However, the vet claims the puppy’s snout was fastened for 2 weeks.

Source: Celestial Zoo/Facebook


The Utah teen has been taken into custody for felony charges of animal t.orture and endangerment. As for Shadow, she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Food still seeps out of her mouth, but she is facing it all with a brave face. You can donate towards her rehabilitation and recovery costs here

Click the video below to watch the report on this horrific a.buse story and get an update on Shadow’s condition.

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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