Woman Saves Two Abandoned Dogs On Highway, Writes Emotional Craigslist Letter

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Two dogs sat all alone, dirty and apparently lost, on the side of a busy highway in Atlanta, Georgia. At that exact moment, an animal lover was driving by and spotted the dogs in danger. She did what any true dog mom would do: she pulled over to help.

Source: Pexels

Once they were safely in her care, she got them help. Without collars, tags, or microchips, the dogs were apparently dumped and all alone in the world.

Since the woman could not find the dogs’ owner, she had to do something with her anger and frustration. She decided to go online and post a very emotional rant on CraigsList. She posted the following in the “Pets” category on the popular website.

Source: Dogington Post

Source: Dogington Post

She was fed up and frustrated and had to let someone know. The dogs got their happy ending with a forever home.

Source: Pixabay

We will never understand how someone can abandon innocent animals. There is always help available and please contact a shelter or rescue if you need assistance.

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