Woman Moved And Left Her Terrified Dogs Caged On The Sidewalk With The Trash

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A woman had been evicted from her Barstow, California home, and had left garbage bags filled with trash and unwanted clothes on the curb for the morning garbage pickup.

Alongside her trash, she also left behind her two dogs in a wire cage. The poor pups were terrified and confused as to why their owner had left them there outside all alone with no food or water.

Dream Fetchers

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan saw the pups the next morning and immediately called Allen Boartfield, a volunteer with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, who drove to the house.

He named the dogs Catch and Treasure and tried gaining their trust. Although they were both scared, Treasure warmed up to him, but Catch was much more cautious. While trying to protect his sister, he nipped Boartfield’s hand a few times, but this didn’t stop Boartfield from saving them.

Dream Fetchers

From that moment, it was clear that Catch was very attached to Treasure. He refused to be anywhere other than right next to her.

Boartfield brought the pups to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine, where the pups were examined. It turned out that Catch had a cold and had to be put into isolation for treatment. Treasure was alright health-wise, but he was so matted that it caused her pain and she was barely able to move.

Dream Fetchers

They groomed Treasure and gave her a much-needed bath, and not only did she appear different visually and physically, but spiritually as well. With her new look came a whole different dog. She was so much happier and friendlier now. She loves everyone she meets and wags her tail when people approach her.

Dream Fetchers

Her brother Catch is still recovering and hasn’t quite broken out of his shell yet. Once he is fully recovered, the two of them will be put up for adoption– and must be adopted together.

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