Woman Finds Scared Dog Tied To Tree In Freezing Cold Before Spotting Owner’s Heartbreaking Note

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Stephanie Dagenhart was out for a walk with her dogs one cold morning when she noticed something that made her heart drop. There was a dog tied to a nearby tree with no owner in sight.
duke tree


The dog, named Duke, was abandoned at Patterson Park in Baltimore. He was shivering and terrified. His previous owner left him with some of his belongings and a note.

The note said, “My name is Duke. Here’s my favorite toy and my food. I am looking for a new home.”

Stephanie Dagenhart was heartbroken when she read the note, and she sat with Duke while she waited for animal control to come pick him up. While she waited, other neighbors stopped by, bringing blankets and treats for the scared two-year-old American Bulldog.

happy duke


Eventually, Duke was brought to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), where he was placed on a 72-hour stray hold. Immediately, people were interested in adopting the sweet dog.

And just days after he was found abandoned at the park, Duke had a new forever home! On January 19, the BARCS Facebook page posted the following message: “About 30 minutes ago, Duke was officially adopted by U.S. Army Specialist Wallace White. Wallace didn’t even realize he had picked out a celebrity dog until a friend pointed out the news stories to him. He just happened to fall in love Duke just for being Duke. This is the BEST ending – no, beginning – for our big buddy Duke. Thank you, Baltimore, for saving this handsome boy.”
duke new owner

BARCS Animal Shelter

What a wonderful ending to a heartbreaking story!

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