Woman Doesn’t Care As Her Dog Burns Her Paws On Hot Pavement, Is Banned From Keeping Pets

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A pet relies on their o.wner to help avoid harmful situations – like being locked in a hot car or walking on a hot pavement. And when the o.wner fails to protect their pet from these dangers, they’ve failed as a pet-parent, and don’t deserve to keep any pets.

That’s exactly what happened with a woman in England. The 53-year-old resident of Gosport, named Lesley, was walking her German Shepherd, Kitty Karna, on a very hot day.

Facebook/Spotted Gosport & Fareham


Instead of waiting for the weather to cool down, or walking in the shade, this woman carelessly walked the poor dog in the scorching heat until her paws started bleeding. Worst of all, even after seeing the bleeding paws, the woman continued to make Kitty Karna walk on the hot pavement.

As passers-by started noticing this horrific scene, they stopped the woman and confronted her. Meanwhile, Kitty Karna collapsed out of exhaustion and excessive bleeding. They also noticed she had a cut on her neck and was massively dehydrated.

This dog was willing to follow her owner anywhere, and this is the treatment she got. How disgusting can some people be???

The crowd took Kitty Karna away from the woman. They put her in a cool car and took her to the vet. Although she was given fluids, oxygen and medication at the vet’s, and seemed like she was going to make a recovery, Kitty Karna’s kidney gave way. She had to eventually be put to sleep.

The RSPCA investigated the matter and the courts ruled that the woman is to be banned from keeping any pets for at least 5 years. Apart from this, she would also have to pay for all the court fees associated with her case and complete 80 hours of community service.

Do you think this punishment is enough for such a heinous crime? Let us know in the comments section.

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