Wild Leopard Attacks Tiny Puppy On Security Cam, Then Mom Comes To The Rescue

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In a fearless rescue caught on surveillance video, a female dog fought off a leopard prowling the estate in India. The leopard had its sights set on the dog’s helpless puppy. That same leopard didn’t realize this mama dog wasn’t letting her puppy go without a fight.

Source: YouTube

In the mountains of India, a variety of wildlife roams the landscape, including lions, tigers, and leopards. Sometimes, they come down to the residential areas. Near a forestry office in the state of Himachal Pradesh, one of the officials on duty heard a ruckus outside. Upon further investigation, he saw a female dog tending to her small pup, who appeared to have some cuts and scrapes.

Source: YouTube

It wasn’t until he watched surveillance footage that the foiled puppy-napping was seen. The innocent pup is leisurely walking along when the leopard pounces out of the darkness. Like a lightning bolt, the pup’s mom bounces onto the scene and fends off the leopard.

Source: YouTube

Watch the whole scene unfold, right down to the part of the leopard being chased away by the fearless mom!

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