Whining, He Waited For His Human To Return For Weeks, Not Knowing His Master D.ied

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Bonding with a loving animal companion can positively impact a person’s life in ways they never even dreamed of. Sometimes, those connections come as a surprise or a lucky accident, but that doesn’t make them any less amazing.

A professor at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, stumbled across one such animal companion on a fateful day. A  stray dog had been seen hanging around the college campus.

Just by chance, Professor Carmelito Marcel spotted this dog — and soon formed a lifelong friendship with him.

The professor named the stray dog Buboy and their friendship quickly became famous around campus. The happy stray would trot after the professor everywhere, according to Marcelo’s colleague Kristina Demafelix.

Kristina said via ABS-CBN News, no matter where Sir Marcelo went, Buboy followed him. If a student or faculty member met with Mr. Marcelo during the day, they could expect to see Buboy at his side.

So when Marcelo became ill and was put into an intensive care unit, his loyal dog was concerned. Every day, he waited for the professor outside of his room…but his master never showed.

The faithful fur baby waited for his human for two weeks…but then, sadly, Marcelo passed away. Buboy just kept waiting.

Heartbroken by Buboy’s loyalty, Kristina decided to bring the dog to Marcelo’s wake. She wanted to give the loving stray a chance to say goodbye to his best friend and master.

In honor of their four long years of friendship, Kristina also planned on bringing Buboy to the funeral Mass for Marcelo, as well.

According to Marcelo’s sister-in-law, Professor Carmelito Marcel considered Buboy to be his child. He had no family of his own, so he bestowed all of his love and affection on the stray street dog he happened to meet so many years ago.

Seeing a friendship like this makes you realize how unworthy we are of a dog’s love. These beautiful creatures are able to love us unconditionally without jealousy, judgment, or fear. All they want is to be near us, protect us, and share their lives with us.

We could truly learn so much from the love a stray like Buboy has to give.

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