He W.as S.trapped Down To A Wheeled Contraption, Unable To Move And Nobody Cared

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For this stray dog, abandoned on the street, only one heartbreaking photo was taken. The photo shows the poor dog, strapped to a contraption at a metro station in Lima, Peru. The straps are bound tightly around him and he can only lie there, totally helpless.

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The dog, later named Cabezoncito, had a mysterious history but Sara Moran, the founder of Milagros Perrunos, a small shelter that cares for disabled dogs, believes Cabezoncito’s owner intentionally tied him up and left him there after he was badly injured. It seems the little dog was in a terrible accident.

A group of teenagers found Cabezoncito and unstrapped him. They gave him food and water. They figured he would be okay after that so they left him there. Peru is full of street dogs. But when they returned a few weeks later, the dog was strapped again to the contraption. And all these people just walked past him and did nothing!

This time, the teenagers unstrapped him and refused to leave him there. They brought Cabezoncito to Sara’s house. The locals knew that she did an amazing job caring for disabled dogs, keeping the most injured ones in little cribs.

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Sara took the little dog to the vet the next day but she received terrible news. He was very sick. Cabezoncito had adrenal insufficiency and an injured spine. He also suffered from old wounds that were badly infected because he urinated and defecated on himself when he was tied down. His prognosis was bleak and if he did survive he would be paralyzed for life.

Many would have opted to euthanize Cabezoncito. Peru is loaded with injured street animals and the expense of caring for them is too great. But Sara refused to give up on the little dog that only knew a life of pain. She had big plans for him.

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Sara paid for a pricey operation to help his spine and kidneys. Even though she had little money herself.

After the little dog recovered from surgery, Sara had a special wheelchair made just for him! The little dog who spent so much of his life strapped down would now have the opportunity to run! What a miracle!

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Now the little dog lives happily on Sara’s property with many doggy siblings. He even had the chance to run in a marathon!

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According to Sara, “Cabezoncito is a great warrior!”

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“In spite of everything he suffered, he is very loving and sociable with people. Cabezoncito gives us a great lesson of love and courage for life.”

Watch the entire story in the dramatic video below.

All. The. Feels.

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