He W.as Bludgeoned, Snout Sealed Shut By 2 Marines- But Now We Are His Voice

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When an innocent puppy is treated like a punching bag and suffers the unthinkable, it doesn’t just break our hearts, it plagues our souls. But to think that two people who have served our country– who are supposed to be honorable, trustworthy and dependable– could so such a thing, is sickening!

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


Ranch Dog Rescue, a California-based rescue group, received a call from the animal shelter on the base of Camp Pendleton. The victim, a Husky puppy, named Kane, weighed only 11 pounds. His snout and mouth were badly scarred and his teeth were rotten from being forced shut for an extended period of time by rubber bands. The rubber bands were used to keep him quiet so he couldn’t cry out in pain.

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


His pain was unimaginable. His hind legs were broken from a severe beating by his owners: A marine couple that lived on base.

No one wasted any time treating the poor puppy. Ranch Dog Rescue immediately scheduled him for surgery to fix his hind legs. They knew he would pull through because, despite all the pain he was in, both physically and emotionally, he continued to wag his tail.

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


The rescue group’s founder, Maureen Keo, posted on Facebook:

 “I could not have asked, or hoped, for a better prognosis. However, the USMC is not completing a thorough investigation and have indicated that they will ‘speak with’ their female Marine who committed these horrible acts of a.buse. She states the dog fell off the kitchen counter, got stuck in a door, and even tried to say he got stuck in a baby gate. All 3 veterinarians who have treated Kane agree that the extent of his injuries, and clear signs of neglect, are all a result of severe a.buse.”

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


Keo insisted, no matter what, Kane would get justice. No marine is exempt from the law. And no one should get away with such horrible cruelty. The rescue group, as well as the public after learning about Kane’s case on social media, were not going to back down. They would be Kane’s voice.

Finally, after fighting tooth and nail, both marines were fired from their positions. However, they would receive no jail time.

Kane came through surgery with flying colors. Keo wrote: “Kane is recovering well, and had his staples removed today. Physical therapy will be our next step – it’s a long process but Kane is making improvements each day. We have fallen so in love with him throughout the last weeks.”

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


Kane continued to heal and grow. And during that time, the volunteers at Ranch Dog Rescue and Keo felt it was best that Kane remained with them indefinitely. With them he would always have a safe place to stay, many animals to interact with, and the proper and consistent medical care he would need.

At the ranch, Kane is blossoming. He loves the new intakes. He’s friendly and playful, and right at home!

While what he had been through is horrific, the silver lining is he survived and is flourishing.

Source: Ranch Dog Rescue/Facebook


Please, take Kane’s story seriously. If you know someone, no matter their rank or station in life, who you suspect could be hurting or neglecting an animal, alert the authorities immediately.

The tell-tale signs of a.buse are:

  • Injuries that have no explanation or an explanation that doesn’t make sense
  • An animal being underweight, having sudden weight loss, or for a puppy– no weight gain
  • A pet that shows signs of fear such as cowering, flinching, and avoidance of their owner
  • Matted, dirty fur that is not addressed on a regular basis
  • Empty food and/or water bowls
  • Dogs that are left outside for prolonged periods of time despite the weather, barking, and crying
  • Dogs that are tethered with heavy chains or leads that are too short for them to lie down properly

The list goes on, sadly. Be vigilant but don’t assume the worst. Let the authorities handle it, especially if the situation may be dangerous and could involve dogfighting and other illegal activities. AGAIN, DO NOT TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.

SHARE Kane’s story and this information. We are their voices.

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