Video Surfaces Showing Mailman Routinely Pepper-Spraying Tiny Dog From The Gate

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Alfonso Galindo, a South Californian man, was puzzled by the strange behavior of his 7-year-old Poodle mix, Pupa, for the past few months. He noticed that every time the postal carrier passes by, Pupa would convulse in pain on the ground.

The Sacramento Bee


One day, Alfonso noticed stains on Pupa’s fur and the patio, as she withered away in pain. He decided to do a frame by frame examination of the surveillance footage, where he found at least 11 instances of the mailman pepper-spraying Pupa in the past few months.

Even though postal carriers are allowed to use repellent on dogs as per USPS guidelines, in the sweet and tame Pupa’s case, there was no justifiable reason for dousing her with pepper-spray.

The Sacramento Bee


The gut-wrenching footage of Pupa frantically rolling on the ground in pain left Alfonso enraged, and he complained to the postal department. Both he and his wife are heartbroken at this betrayal. The safety of their children, who also indirectly become exposed to pepper spray, is another concern.

The Sacramento Bee


Pepper-spray is known to cause respiratory issues, which explains the family’s countless ER trips for their children in the past few months. Meanwhile, the postal department has issued an apology, promising to take corrective action and provide training to all local carriers.

Click the video below to watch the footage of Pupa struggling in pain after the pepper-spray attack.

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