Veteran D.ying From Ca.ncer Makes A Public Plea To Help Find His Missing Service Dog

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It has been a very hard couple of weeks for Morris Collins, a 72-year-old veteran suffering from esophageal cancer. He has been fighting for his life over the past two weeks and was kept on life support for five days. To add to this misery, Murphy, his loyal service dog, has gone missing.

NBC Las Vegas


Murphy, a Belgian Malinois, went missing from Morris’ home in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, about two weeks ago. For Morris, Murphy is not just a dog but a friend and constant companion that he relies on. Murphy had bravely saved his life once from a carjacker.

Sadly for Morris, doctors have found his cancer to be incurable, which is why he needs his dog beside him now more than ever. Morris’ neighbor, Jacki Scaturro is doing everything in her power to help track Murphy. “Bringing Murphy back home to him even in the short time that he has left, it’ll mean everything to him. I just want to bring him home,” Jacki told KFOR-TV/News 4.

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With his health failing him further each day, Morris has also pleaded to people with the little strength that he has. “He’s a joy and right now I’m in the hospital with cancer and he can help me get through it,” Morris said in a passionate plea video on Twitter. He is optimistic about finding Murphy as he hopes to have him by his side during this difficult period.

NBC Las Vegas


Jacki has created a Facebook page called “Bring Murphy Home”, to help with the search. If you find any information on the whereabouts of Murphy, you can contact Jacki at 702-862-0622.

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