Vet Tech Comforts Dog After Emergency Surgery By Spooning Her Troubles Away

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For a pet, they provide us with unconditional love–hoping that we will return the favor by giving them the proper care that they deserve. But sadly, as we all know too well, such is not always the case. For Sokka, she has a family, people that she loves. She gave them 8 years of her life, only for them to neglect treating her when she started to show signs of a serious condition, her swollen belly a clear indication of something wrong.

Months went by, and after Sokka’s family had already been instructed to take her to be thoroughly examined, an emergency Animal Control center call brought her into the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, MD. Sokka was in critical condition, her life hanging on by a thread. Normally dogs will be transported to partnering emergency care facilities, but the staff at BARC knew that every second was precious if Sokka’s life was to be saved.

They dropped everything and rushed Sokka in for emergency surgery, only to find that she had an infected uterus (a condition known as Pyometra). Lucky to be alive after the removal of a 6 pound mass, resident vet tech Dennis M. couldn’t bear to see her suffer any longer, as the effects from the anesthesia left Sokka terribly frightened. So, he cuddled her in those moments of fear and confusion, wanting her to know that she was special, and most of all, that not all humans are unkind.

What an amazing human being Dennis is, isn’t he? I know it makes me smile seeing how much he truly cares about animals. And if this man looks familiar to you, that’s because you may have seen him before, comforting a frightened puppy post surgery. In case you missed it, here’s a video of that too, because it’s too precious to miss. Thank you Dennis for being such an incredible person who truly loves animals. We appreciate everything you do.

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