Vet Assistant P.unches Shih Tzu In The Head Then Tries CPR To Revive Dog

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When a dog is taken to the veterinarian’s office, we expect that dog to be taken care of, treated with respect, and never to be harmed. A veterinary assistant in Colombia is in big trouble after being caught on camera a.busing a dog in his care.

You can see on the video, the dog, a small Shih Tzu named Teo, is forcibly hit by the assistant and lies motionless on the table. Once the dog is seen not moving, the vet assistant tries to revive the dog with CPR.

Source: Twitter/@MetroUK

As disturbing as it sounds and looks, stories like this must be reported to warn dog owners everywhere.

Teo’s owner told The Daily Mail her dog looked depressed and with a distant stare when she arrived to pick him up. The veterinarian said the dog was fine, but Teo’s owner got a second opinion elsewhere.

Source: Twitter/@MetroUK

It was discovered the dog took a hard blow to his small head. The owner reported the incident to authorities, and closed-circuit television monitors were assessed of the footage.

The assistant was fired, and it is not clear if the matter is being further investigated. The disturbing video is posted below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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