Unsure if he can take in another dog, man completely breaks down and cry after wife surprised him that he is new owner of rescued dog

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Most likely being abandoned by his previous owner, a dog called Toby wandered into an auto repair shop in South Korea alone. Toby was then taken into a shelter to avoid the harsh winter weather. However, insufficient indoor kennel space at the shelter forced Toby to brave the winter cold in an outdoor kennel.

After the unfortunate event, Toby was rescued from the shelter by Band For Animal, a rescue that works to save dogs from the Korean dog meat trade and other dire situations.

The poor dog was taken to the rescue’s safe house in South Korea before being flown to the US, where he was quickly placed with a foster family.

Credit: The Dodo

Ann Hoang really wanted a second dog but her husband wasn’t really sure if he can handle it. So the couple decided that they can try fostering first. If the fostering went well, they would adopt a rescue dog of their own.

That was when they met Toby.

Credit: The Dodo

Meeting a new family is extremely nerve-wracking for Toby because he was incredibly scared and unsure of his new parents and siblings. He wouldn’t come out of his crate, and when he did, he was hesitant to sit or lie down, so he just stared at his new family.

Patiently showering Toby with love despite all that, the dog finally fell in love with his new home too—especially his foster dad.

Credit: The Dodo

“At first, my husband was unsure of Toby because he was very timid and also this was our very first foster experience. However, by the first evening, Toby had sat down next to my husband and he looked up at him with his puppy dog eyes, and my husband saw the kindness of God in Toby’s face. Toby seemed to attach to my husband pretty quickly from there on out,” told Hoang to The Dodo.

They’re inseparable.

Credit: The Dodo

Looking at how close her husband and Toby has become, Hoang realized that their plan of fostering the dog for just a little while won’t work anymore. When there were families wanted to schedule a meeting with Toby, Hoang can tell that her husband didn’t feel really good about that. That was when she decided to surprise him with an official adoption.

Since the rescue needed to send someone out to do a home check to make sure the adoption official, Hoang decided to tell her husband that it was a potential adopter coming to meet Toby.

She gave the person from the rescue a card to give it to her husband during the visit.

Credit: The Dodo

He lost it as soon as he started reading it.

Credit: The Dodo

He can’t believe his eyes.

Credit: The Dodo

“Oh my goodness, I thought he would be happy but never in a million years did I think he would cry so much. I have never seen him react this way to anything before! He is sensitive but this was more than I’ve ever seen,” said Hoang after seeing her husband overwhelming reaction.

The tears of happiness.

Credit: The Dodo

Hoang’s husband was overflowing with emotions when he realized that Toby was his forever. Later, everyone was crying including the person from the rescue. As Hoang’s husband continues to cry, Toby sat by him trying to comfort him, not realizing that he was crying because he just loved Toby so much.

He kept on crying and was hugging Toby very tightly.

Credit: The Dodo

We hope that Toby and Hoang’s husband will be the comfort for each other their whole life.

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