These Two German Shepherds Are Inseparable And They Need A Good Home

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Every dog lover knows how interactive and social they can be, and that German Shepherds set the standard when it comes to doggy social skills.

Whether its explosives detecting for the military, sniffing out drug smugglers for the police, taking first place in championships covering everything from obedience to athleticism, or just keeping the fam in good spirits, the German Shepherd is a dog of all trades.

In addition to all of those amazing things, they also display some of the most complex emotional intelligence in the canine world, making them some of the most sought after breeds on the planet.

That’s why it’s so shocking that this gorgeous pair of German Shepherds were found all by themselves, with only each other for comfort.

Source: Facebook/Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue

Gus and Laurie are two German Shepherds that have been inseparable, presumably, since they were born. As far as we know, the young shepherds have only ever known each other and nothing else.

While we don’t know the bonded pair’s full story, we do know that they were first discovered hiding out in a random barn belonging to a complete stranger.

They were only three months old.

Then, four short months later, the gorgeous doggy duo ended up in the care of the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue in Stephens City, Virginia.

Source: Facebook/Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue

It was apparent right away that these two pups were not going to be separated willingly, and nobody at the rescue wanted to tear them apart, either.

In a plea to their followers, the rescue took to Facebook with a post of their picture and a short description of their unique situation.

“Gus and Laurie
They’ve only ever known each other. They were found as strays at three months old and have since lived in someone’s barn. They’re around 7 months old now and we are so hopeful that we can find someone to keep these two together. If you’re looking for a bonded pair, look no further,” The post read.

The Rescue knew once they shared Gus and Laurie’s photos online that they would receive a lot of attention, being that they are two beautiful, healthy German Shepherds (possibly a shepherd mix), but they had no idea how viral the post would go.

Source: Facebook/Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue

Everyone on the internet was completely taken with Gus and Laurie.

The rescue’s post caught like wildfire and was shared by over 16,000 people on Facebook, and no wonder! The bond these two dogs share is not only unbreakable but it’s also beautiful.

You can easily see in the photo how deeply the pair both cares and relies on one another. Gus, the solid black pup, seems to be the more comfortable of the two and very protective over sweet young Laurie, who takes shelter in the security of Gus’s cover.

The blatant amount of emotion being expressed in each of their faces put claims that dogs don’t experience emotional feelings to serious shame.

Within a matter of days from sharing the post to Facebook, the rescue became inundated with requests for applications to adopt the snuggly, cuddly adorable furbabies. Potential adopters would have to wait until the pair’s behavior around cats and kids had been documented.

Overwhelmed with gratitude for the staggering amount of support from their followers, the rescue took to Facebook again to give out a special thanks.

“We haven’t made a “Thank you” post in a while and given tonights events of Gus and Laurie being shared by some crazy big pages, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our followers.
You all have supported Jen and I since day 1 when we jumped in both feet first to save Frozone and now here we are, 10 months later, 350 dogs in and counting. There are dogs from WV, VA, TX, NC, GA, FL, PA, MD, EGYPT and more sitting in safe, warm, loving homes thanks to the endless shares, donations and support you provide.

As we have always said, we are in this for the dogs. Because every dog deserves a home.”

Yes, they sure do! Thanks to the Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue and all of their amazing followers on social media, they were able to update their original post on Gus and Laurie to “ADOPTED!!!”

We are so happy this hard-working rescue was able to give this sweet pair of German Shepherds the loving home that they have always deserved. To support their work, please visit them here.

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