Tiny Rescue Chihuahua Joins Police Force, Makes Big Impact On Community

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Standing at less than a foot tall and weighing just 4.2 pounds, Zorro the Chihuahua has just become the Marblehead Police Department’s newest K-9 officer.

He may be small, but he’s already making a BIG impact on the community, as well as all over the world. People from Massachusetts all the way to Hong Kong have been sending Zorro little gifts in the mail and showing their support on social media.

Jon Stinchcomb/News Herald

The officers at the station are also enjoying their new tiny officer, who Police Chief Casey Joy had come across on Petfinder.

After seeing on the news that there was an influx of adoptable pets due to Hurricane Florence, Joy decided to take a look for himself. That’s when he saw Zorro and immediately scheduled a visit to meet him at his foster’s.

Jon Stinchcomb/News Herald

Joy fell in love with Zorro and took him home with him right after meeting him.

“He’s very intelligent, very smart. He was housebroken within three days,” Joy told the Port Clinton News Herald. “The way he was interacting with my son made me want to transition him into helping better the lives of the people.”

ABC 13

Joy brings Zorro to work with him each day, and soon he will be riding with him on patrol.

Zorro is currently going through training and is well on his way to becoming a certified therapy dog. Joy plans on bringing him to nursing homes, assisted living communities, and hospitals to help spread happiness and joy to the residents.

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