Tiny pup just can’t stop smiling after being rescued

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Dog’s are emotional creatures just like humans. They experience anger, sadness, fear, excitement, happiness and a range of complex feelings. This little puppy was clearly feeling happy about being rescued.

Layla was found running in and out of traffic last week. She was rescued by Beaumont Animal Care and taken to a shelter. At first, the 7-week-old puppy was nervous and frail.

After arriving at the shelter, Layla impressed the entire staff. Rachel Barron, a tech at the animal shelter, realized the Layla was sporting an incredibly large grin.

Barron began to speak in a form of baby talk, and Layla couldn’t get enough. The puppy’s tail was wagging, and her smile kept growing bigger. Barron knew that this cute moment had to be captured on video. Layla seemed to know that her rescuers were going to take good care of her.

After the video was shared online, the adoption inquiries started to come quite frequently. One family became the perfect prospects and even visited Layla after seeing her cute smile online.

Nicole Toney had already rescued three dogs and a few cats. She and her husband knew that Layla would be the perfect addition to their furry family. Despite being nervous at first, Layla quickly warmed up to her new owners.

After the shelter staff saw the instant connection between Layla and Toney, she was able to sign the adoption papers and take the puppy home.

It didn’t take any time for Layla to feel right at home. She started playing with the other dogs immediately. It was a perfect fit that could not have been planned better. Layla was the missing piece of this beautiful family of dogs, cats, and loving owners.

Lady was pregnant when Toney rescued her from the street. When Layla arrived at the house, Lady’s maternal instincts kicked in. She wouldn’t leave Layla’s side.

The two have become inseparable.

Layla is drawn to the rest of the gang as well. Toney thinks this is because Layla didn’t have any companions when living on the streets alone.

This stimulation from other dogs and cats is something novel and exciting to Layla. She is taking every chance to play, cuddle and fight with the other dogs.

Toney and her husband are in love with their new puppy. Layla will snuggle close to their laps and take short naps during the day. She has become the perfect addition to a family already full of dogs and cats.

Did this adorable pup’s smile brighten your day? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to put a smile on their faces today!


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