Her Tiny Leg Tied To The Ground, Her 2 Day Old Body Screamed Before Train Came

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Imagine going to work, on an ordinary day, and experiencing the most heart-wrenching scenario. What would that day look like? For animal lover and advocate, Rabecca Cruz, that day looked a lot like this one…

Cruz, a real estate photographer and an animal rescue volunteer, was taking photos of a house off the interstate in Dade County, Florida. As she walked the landscape taking photos, she heard cries of distress. They were faint and unusual. Cruz continued to walk the property, hoping to find the source of the cries.

Source: Fox 13 News/YouTube

Then, back by the railroad tracks was the tiniest puppy. The little one’s only a day or two old. She was tied to the ground right beside the tracks, left to die on purpose. She’s so young that her eyes aren’t even open yet.

Source: Fox 13 News/YouTube

Her tiny leg was pinned to the ground with a rope around it. Who could do something so wicked? The bitty pup still had her umbilical cord attached. Cruz couldn’t fathom such evil.

Source: Fox 13 News/YouTube

Luckily, and by fate’s hands, this puppy was found just in time… and by a woman who volunteers at a nearby animal rescue. Cruz took the puppy directly to the rescue group, where her friend Deidra also works. The puppy was medically evaluated. Amazingly, she’s doing fine!

Source: Fox 13 News/YouTube

The vet said had the puppy been out there much longer, she would have died. But fate had other plans for the sweet little Pit Bull mix.

What concerns Deidra the most, as she explains in the video posted below, is who is responsible. If it’s a child who did this, he or she needs immediate intervention. If it’s an adult, then they are for sure a danger to society.

Source: Fox 13 News/YouTube

Humans who torture animals are believed to be a threat to other humans as well. Without going into too much gory detail, humans often ‘practice’ on animals before harming others. This is a serious crime towards animals AND signs of other dangerous behaviors. NEVER let a crime like this go unpunished or unreported.

Learn more about the puppy, who is now named Polka Dot, in the video below. Thank you, Rabecca, for finding this little survivor!

Feature image courtesy of Edwards Air Force Base

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