Tiny Fluffy Dog Gets Too Close To Sheep. Seconds Later, Everyone Is Snorting With Laughter.

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Ah, to be young! When you’re in your youth, you feel like you can do anything! You have boundless energy, and don’t feel tied down. Your identity is still being shaped as you uncover new things and experiment with the world around you. There’s so much to process with so many things to understand. Rules don’t apply to you yet. Everything is simple. There’s no set place or destination.

This little bouncy, fluffy ball of a puppy has both guts and determination. His name is Percy, and he’s only 16 weeks old. He’s full of life and wonder, all wrapped up in a tiny dog that wants to get the most out of life.


Percy is inside the sheep pen with two Kelpie dogs, four times his size. All three dogs are running around “herding” the one lone sheep, who is bigger than all of them put together and then some! The Kelpie dogs are nimble and quick, picking up speed at the drop of a hat and can cover ground quickly. They are corralling the sheep with ease, as little Percy is left behind, bouncing and flailing in the background.

Onlookers are perched along the guardrail, hooting, and hollering. They are in stitches as this little white cloud of fur bobs and teeters along. At one point, the two bigger dogs stay back, and Percy can get a little more up close and personal to the sheep. The sheep doesn’t know what to do! Percy edges in closer, as the sheep momentarily panics, and well, it’s a hilarious moment. Everyone is in disbelief, not sure at what just went down. Percy clearly has no idea of his size or stature.

This entire video is adorable to watch, and proves that attitude is everything! Click below, to see all the action!

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