Tiny Dog Goes To Store And Get A Huge New Toy

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Sometimes the smallest dogs have the biggest personalities. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Lucy the Yorkie.

In a video shared in March 2017, little Lucy goes to the store with her mom and dad. The tiny dog does her best to wait patiently for the cashier to ring up the Lamb Chop toy she’s picked out and for her dad to pay for it.

Lucy must be pretty well trained, because she holds off for a bit before she starts dancing around and jumping with excitement for her prize. I know my dog wouldn’t sit still for a minute waiting for a new toy!

Wearing her pink harness, Lucy is clearly mesmerized by her new stuffed lamb.

“She picked out the biggest one,” Mom notes.

As soon as Lucy’s dad drops the toy on the floor for her, it’s clear just how much bigger the toy is than little Lucy. But the little dog certainly isn’t intimidated by it!

Amazingly, Lucy manages to pick the toy up in her teeth and proudly marches it right out the automatic doors of the store. You can even hear the pet store employees saying “Awww!” in the background at the adorable sight.

Though she has a little bit of trouble, Lucy manages to carry the stuffed lamb all the way to the car as her mom encourages her all the while.

Check out the adorable video below, and don’t forget to SHARE Lucy’s cuteness on Facebook!

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