Terrified Fox Pup With Can Stuck Over His Head Screams For Someone To Help Him

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A man decided to investigate the muffled screams coming from his backyard. He was shocked to see a tiny critter stumbling around with his head firmly stuck inside an empty can.

Source: albamurrayffff/YouTube


The poor creature was clearly suffocating and struggling to breathe. The pup twisted around trying to get the nasty can off his head, but nothing worked. The man finally mustered up the courage to approach the strange creature and help him out before it gets too late.

By then, the helpless creature was so exhausted that he barely moved a muscle when the kind stranger freed him from the cylindrical prison. Once he felt safe, the tiny critter stared back at his rescuer with wide-eyed wonder and gratefulness. It also became very clear that the little pup was a cute baby fox!

Source: albamurrayffff/YouTube


Rather than running away in self-defense, the baby fox lingered around his savior and adorably kissed him. The man was floored by the baby fox’s delightful gesture and couldn’t stop himself from petting the cute pup. Those cute puppy-eyes towards the end will surely make you go “Awww”!

Click the video below to watch this cute baby fox’s adorable display of love for his savior!

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