Sweet Dog Hates Watching Mom Drop Son Off At School, So She Makes Everyone Aware

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Everyone feels a little sad or lonely when they’re favorite person or significant other leaves. When your child goes back to school on their first day or your partner leaves for a work trip, you’re bound to be a little emotional. Or, what about when you drop off your pet at the kennel before heading out of town, things can get a little sad. There’s always going to be that little tugging at your heart, that “missing” feeling that sticks around until you meet again. Sometimes it’s deeper because the time apart is longer but other times its fleeting because you know you’ll see that person again soon.

But, if you’re a dog you have no certainty. You never know when that person will show up again, so for all they know, every time you say goodbye, it could be the last time! How heartbreaking is that?! That’s why this video is extra cute.

Mom, Gabriela, is in the car driving her son to school with their dog, Dixie, in the backseat. The boy opens the door to climb out, and immediately, the dog wants to go out with him. She darts forward, but the boy says, “Move!” as a way to keep her inside. She loves him and just wants to go wherever he goes!

Mom calls her back inside, holding the eager pup by the leash. The door is closed, and the car starts to move. Dixie is sad. She starts to whimper and whine and longingly look out the window as her favorite person hops, skips and jumps into his day. “He’s gone Dixie, calm down…” says mom, but the pooch is just too consumed with emotion.

According to Gabriela, Dixie cries every single morning as she watches the young boy leave. It’s always the same story. The dog doesn’t realize that he’s going to come back later until he does, and then all heartache is forgotten. She moves between backseat windows, desperately looking out to see if she can locate the boy. She’s still whimpering, hoping he’ll come back. “Calm down Dixie. We’ll come back for him after school.” Mom tries to console her by inviting her into the front seat. The dog hops over, happy to have some company beside her, but she’s still watching over her back, over the headrest, to see if she can spot the boy. Poor baby!

Click below to watch Dixie’s sweet and loving reaction when she has to watch her friend go to school.

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