He Was Suffocating & His Family Didn’t Care But This Lil Guy Still Sparkles

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This sweet dog, named Liam, was given up on by his cruel family. Instead of surrendering him to a shelter or a veterinarian’s office because they were likely overwhelmed by his medical condition, they decided to abandon him.

Source: He’Art of Rescue/YouTube

The family put Liam in the car, drove him a few miles away, then dumped him on the roadside and drove off. Luckily, Liam was found and brought in for care.

As you can see, his mouth is riddled with tumors. His condition is making eating and swallowing near impossible. As the tumors progress, they will obstruct his airway and suffocate him. Treatment is life or death.

Source: He’Art of Rescue/YouTube

What’s so infuriating is that even though it is a complicated process, this is a treatable condition. Would you just give up on your beloved dog for a medical issue that is not his fault? Dog lovers like us know the answer to that!

Source: He’Art of Rescue/YouTube

Before Liam’s tumors can be removed, he first needed a thorough check-up. Turns out, Liam has an infection in his blood and needs intensive care and antibiotics before his operation. Once it clears up then the doctor will perform the surgery.

Amazingly, Liam is a happy dog through it all! Watch as he smiles and wags his tail! He truly knows he’s loved by the staff.

And the staff DOES adore Liam. They are monitoring and taking very good care of him. His surgery is just around the corner and we will keep you posted on his progress.

Source: He’Art of Rescue/YouTube

Let’s bow our heads and offer Liam and his medical team our prayers for a successful surgery– and healing process.

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