Stray Pup Was Rescued From Busy Street Traffic, And Now She Can’t Stop Smiling

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7-week-old Layla was found terrified and overwhelmed in the busy street traffic, before she was rescued by the Beaumont Animal Care workers. Layla was weakened and nervous, so the shelter workers showered her with all their love and care.

Facebook/Rachel Barron


As soon as Layla realized that she was in good hands, she started flashing the brightest of grins to her rescuers. As she was beaming in smiles, a shelter worker filmed an adorable video of her and posted it on the shelters page.

In the video below we witness Layla’s alluring charm as she grins her way into our hearts. This video easily captured the hearts of pet-lovers all around. Soon, applications started pouring in, inquiring about Layla’s adoption.

Facebook/Rachel Barron


Among many others, Layla captivated the heart of Nicole Toney and her husband, who already have a family of three rescued dogs and two cats. The couple came to the shelter to meet Layla. Layla’s shyness turned into playfulness, as she quickly warmed up to the Toneys.

Facebook/Rachel Barron


Today, she never stops smiling in the happy company of her new parents, as well as the other dog and cat buddies in her new home. What a happy ending for sweet Layla!

Click the video below to watch Layla steal your heart with her mesmerizing smiles!

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