Stray Pit Bull Jumps Through The Car Window When He Offered Him Some Food

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A man noticed a Pit Bull outside his car window, and started talking to him. The pooch seemed to really enjoy the stranger’s kindness so he started jumping up to reach the window. Suddenly, he jumped so high that he went through the window and inside the car!

This video starts out all kinds of cute as the Pit Bull leans into the window and lets the man pet him. He seems happy and sweet. When the man says, “Do you want some food?” the dog instantly jumps into the window of the car! The couple starts screaming and laughing. The woman bolts out of the car into the rain!

Once the dog is fully inside the car he actually manages to climb up on the dashboard! Seriously, this video has me rolling!

This guy makes himself right at home getting comfy in the passenger seat as if to say, “Okay man, so where’s that food at?”

This hilarious encounter is one you don’t see every day. The Pit Bull was harmless, but I think the driver will think twice before offering a dog that size food from the driver seat!

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