Stray Dog Sees A Fancy Wedding Parade, Steals The Show With His Dance Moves

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In some parts of Mexico, weddings are incomplete without a traditional song-and-dance parade. It’s a breathtaking sight when the dancers in the parade swirl in colorful costumes, while the upbeat local music plays to attract good vibes for the newlyweds.

Facebook/Alan Gómez


In this video, we see a street dog notice the wedding festivities from afar. The dog is enchanted, as two giant puppets called “mojigangas”, representing the bride and the groom, sway in the wind, while the rest of the crowd immerse in the fun.

The spell-bound dog decides to join in the party, as he makes a dash towards the central dancer with a flower basket on her head, and copies her twirling moves! The dog’s acrobatic dance moves make the crowd go wild, as they cheer on the spinning dog for making the wedding extra special!

Facebook/Alan Gómez


The locals say that the dog is the life of every street parade in the area. He is a smart, fun-loving pooch, and always joins in to celebrate a party when he sees one. What can we say, dogs just want to have fun!

Click the video below to watch the dancing dog join in the fun in the wedding parade!

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