Soldier Fears Dog Might Be Used For Target Practice, Finds Heartwarming Solution

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When Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch’s duties in Iraq came to an end and he had to return home, he had to leave a piece of his heart behind in Iraq.

While in Iraq, Wyrsch and his military friends had adopted a stray puppy and named him Ollie. Ollie had a very loving nature and he soon became the camp’s beloved mascot. Ollie never went into war though, because he’s a lover and not a fighter, as Wyrsch lovingly puts it.

YouTube/ CBS SF Bay Area


But when the mission ended and the time came for Wyrsch and his buddies to head back home, they had to make the heartbreaking choice of leaving Ollie behind. Back home, Wyrsch was convinced that Ollie’s place was next to him. As Wyrsch so truly says, “You don’t leave a friend behind. Can’t do it.”

Wyrsch’s worst fear was that Ollie would be mistreated in the harsh conditions of Iraq. He feared that Ollie might end up in the wrong hands and be used as target practice.

Wyrsch couldn’t stop thinking about Ollie, so he contacted SPCA International, requesting their help in getting Ollie to San Fransisco. Thousands of dollars were collected in donations to help get Ollie back, but as Wyrsch puts it, “He’s a good boy. He’s worth it.” He sure is!

YouTube/ CBS SF Bay Area


Ollie traveled halfway around the world and was finally reunited with his loving human. We don’t know who’s happier – Wyrsch or Ollie!

This is the kind of love that makes the heart swell and eyes well up with happy tears!

Click the video below to watch this heartwarming story!

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