Sniffles The Dog Born Without A Nose – Wants A Forever Home For The Holidays

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Sniffles the dog is appropriately named because he was born without a nose. The 12-year-old sweet dog keeps getting looked over by adopters who visit the Orange County Animal Services. He might look a little different, but Sniffles wants to find his forever home this holiday season.

Source: ABC7

The stray dog has crooked teeth, no nose, and the sweetest personality. His foster mom, Genesis Diaz, tells WESH News that the dog woke up in bed with her, ran over to her and started licking her face.

“He is a precious old man,” Michelle Wacker of Orange County Animal Services reported. “He just looks a little funny.”

Source: ABC7

The dog’s adorable toothy grin will soon change, as he is scheduled for some dental work. He is also a healthy dog, so anyone who adopts him will have a forever friend who has special characteristics that make him unique.

As shelter workers hope someone will bring Sniffles home for the holidays, they will continue to dote on him with love.

Source: ABC7

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