Since Sad Dog Was Rescued From Animal Shelter, He Can’t Stop Smiling

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Meaty was a very sad Pit Bull. The lonely dog grew weary and sad in the animal shelter, waiting for the day someone might adopt him. The stars aligned properly the day Fresno Bully Rescue posted Meaty’s photo online.

The dog, whose full name is Meatball, was about to go from sad to smiles thanks to social media.

Source: loveabullisa/Instagram

Dog lover, Lisa Reilly, happened to see Meaty’s photo and she instantly fell in love. The dog reminded her of her belated boy, Kitty, who passed away a few months earlier.

She knew she had to bring the pooch into her life, and that’s exactly what she did. He adjusted to his new life with such joy, that he cannot stop smiling!

Source: loveabullisa/Instagram

Meaty shares his home with other rescued pups, and his parents even included him in their wedding!

On their Instagram page, Meaty’s mom wrote, “I found him through their Facebook page, and drove 4 hours to meet him, then back again a month later to bring him home after healing from kennel cough! If you live within driving distance, I cannot recommend them enough.”

Source: loveabullisa/Instagram

Like any savvy dog, Meaty and his pack have their own Instagram following, which is well over 150,000.

Our hearts are happy for Meaty and all the adopted dogs in the family. Our wish is for all dogs in shelters to find a forever, loving home like this.

You’ve found your happily ever after, Meaty! Way to go!

Source: loveabullisa/Instagram

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