Sick Dog Was Unable To Eat, Dad Builds Her A Life-Saving Solution

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When Daisy was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder, her family was devastated. The idea that their beloved, active dog would begin to deteriorate was heartbreaking. But her family wouldn’t sit back and let her go downhill, not without a fight!

They looked into the best care for Daisy. Since her immune system would begin to attack her own muscles, the Jones family would have to do whatever they could to keep her as healthy as possible. But then Daisy developed megaesophagus (an enlarged esophagus). She could no longer eat like the average dog.



Source: TODAY


Sadly, in many cases, dogs that develop megaesophagus are euthanized. Some even starve to death. Dogs with the condition have digestive muscles that do not act as they should; they don’t push the food down into the digestive system. This makes eating impossible.


Daisy’s dad, Doug, and her human brother, Brian, built her something very special that would help her eat: her very own high chair! Doug and Brian are skilled woodworkers. Her chair is “made with love,” Grace Jones, Daisy’s mom, told TODAY.

Source: TODAY

Luckily, experts have figured out that a dog with megaesophagus can successfully eat in a fixed upright position. Their food goes down without the need for the muscles to work so hard. Daisy has her own special chair that fits her perfectly. She can even put the tray down by herself!

“We laughed in awe because she’s so smart,” Grace Jones told TODAY. “Surprised she got in the chair by herself, but even more so that she pulled down the tray and was ready to eat.”

Daisy and her family are still active together. They love to go hiking and kayaking. They bring the chair with them at all times. Daisy sometimes has to wear a muzzle so she doesn’t drink the lake water on her own. But she doesn’t mind. Spending time with her family is her favorite thing to do!

Source: TODAY


She’s going on 10 years old and is just as happy as she was as a puppy! Would you do this for your dog?


Source: TODAY


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