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Volunteers from Diasozo, an animal charity organization in Karditsa, Greece, were on their way to rescue an abandoned puppy named Angel when they unexpectedly came across another dog who was in desperate need of saving.

The dog, now named Helen, was wandering the area by herself in the middle of nowhere, without any access to food or water. Not only did she have to fend for herself, but she was blind and severely malnourished. They knew they couldn’t leave without her.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

Despite her condition, she was so friendly and never stopped smiling. Rescuers were so inspired by her resiliency.

In addition to her obvious issues, she was also suffering from leishmaniasis and heartworm. She also had a cyst on the bottom of her tail that continued to fill up with fluid, along with thelazia, which are worms that live and lay eggs in the eyes.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

“This is one of the most extreme cases we’ve encountered,” The Orphan Pet wrote on Youtube. “And it’s proof of how an abandoned can end up, how sick it can get, how starving and how miserable.”

But Helen doesn’t have to worry about being alone, sick and miserable ever again. Her rescuers got her the medical help she needed to help her survive.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

She is now living at their dog shelter, where she finally gets to eat and is feeling so much better with each passing day. She will continue all of her treatments but she is recovering well.

Now all she needs is a forever home. If you’re interested in adopting Helen, please email [email protected].

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

Watch her rescue and transformation in the video below:

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