Shelter Dogs Stop Barking And Become Mesmerized When Man Brings Out His Acoustic Guitar

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Vance County Animal Shelter has added to its enrichment program in a unique way. Animal Service Officer Chad Olds brought his talents to work to calm the shelter dogs and bring them some peace.

The shelter can be a stressful place with animals cooped up in their kennels, so anything to help out is big. And this one appears to have a hit on their hands here with some live music therapy.

Chad has worked at the shelter for about five months, and his role calls for a hands-on approach with the animals interacting with him and keeping their spaces clean. And when someone suggested he play his guitar for the dogs, he was a bit skeptical at first.

But he decided to give it a try and brought his acoustic guitar to work. As he started singing and playing Alan Jackson’s “Like Red On A Rose,” the dogs took notice and almost all of the barking ceased.

“I’m happy to be the voice for these animals and that it’s bringing so much positive awareness to them,” Chad told ABC News. “My administrator allowing things like this is just wonderful, we’re thinking outside the box and getting creative to help these animals so you couldn’t ask for a better administrator to allow things like that.”

It’s making a big impact in more ways than one. Since sharing the video, the shelter has seen an increase in adoption requests! Chad even met with one couple filling out adoption papers who came in because they saw his video. ?

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