Shelter Dog Who Kept Trying To Escape Finally Gets Adopted

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Imagine what it’s like to be a dog in a shelter, with no home and having no one to call family. It must be very depressing, especially when you see other dogs getting adopted while you remain in your kennel, all alone.

That must be exactly how this dog named Frankie felt. He didn’t want to be in the shelter anymore. He was desperate to get out. He was willing to do anything just to get out of the shelter–he even tried to escape by climbing up the chain-link fence!


Frankie is being cared for by the Humane Society of North Texas, and everybody there knows that he’s quite the acrobat and master escape artist. His previous owner put him on a tight collar, and when Frankie was rescued, his rescuers saw that his neck was injured. The collar he had on was so tight, it dug deep into his skin and Frankie needed emergency surgery.

One day, when the shelter staff caught him in the middle of his escape, they took a photo. Whitney Hanson of the Humane Society of North Texas told The Dodo that when they found Frankie up the chain-link fence, he was a little freaked out, but his tail was wagging, and he didn’t want to get down.

Amazingly, weeks after Frankie’s escape stunt, someone came to adopt him! It may seem that his escape plan failed, but in the end it didn’t fail at all–that stunt got him a forever home!

When Frankie met his new human, the two immediately fell in love. Frankie finally has his happy ending!

There are other dogs who are still at the shelter, waiting for someone to give them a loving forever home. If you’re interested in adopting, please contact the Humane Society of North Texas by visiting their website and/or their Facebook page.

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