Severely Matted Poodle Was Scared To Death But Once She Was Touched, It All Changed

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The wonderful peole of Hope for Paws, have once again rescued and saved another dog’s life.

They received a call about a severely matted homeless dog. When they got to the area, they quickly spotted the poor dog. But capturing this dog won’t be easy. The moment the dog saw them, she immediately barked at them; so they approached her slowly. The dog growled at them, and she also showed her teeth; but that didn’t stop the amazing people of Hope for Paws from rescuing her. Once the dog felt the kindness of Eldad’s touch, she calmed down.

They were able to get her in the car and have her cleaned! Her fur was so matted that it took a couple of hours for the groomers to clean her up! Watch the rescue video below and see this matted Poodle’s beautiful transformation!

With some love and care, what once was a dirty growling dog, has become a beautiful, friendly, and happy dog! All this cutie needed was some TLC.

And we’re happy to know that this cutie named Dolly, found a home just shortly after her rescue–thanks to the Forgotten Dog Foundation!


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