Senior Dog That Spent Her Life In Tiny Puppy Mill Cage Picks Out Her Very First Toy

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The things that puppy mill dogs are forced to endure could make any animal lover sick to their stomach. The abuse, neglect, and horrendous conditions are torture.

For 10 years, a Yorkie named Katarina suffered at a puppy mill, but it all changed when rescuers from the Hub City Humane Society in Mississippi stepped in.

Source: Hub City Humane Society / Facebook

The heroes plucked her from the tiny cage she spent her life in at the puppy mill. Then, they found her a loving foster home that would take care of her while she underwent various medical procedures.

From the life of abuse, Katarina desperately needed dental and spay surgeries, as well as heartworm treatments. But not only that…Katarina needed to experience happiness.

Source: Hub City Humane Society / Facebook

The tiny Yorkie faced so much hardship in her short life, so her foster parents decided to give her a special treat (and thankfully thought to record it).

For the first time in her life, Katarina was taken to the pet store and picked out her very own toy!

Source: Hub City Humane Society / Facebook

Her loving foster mom shared the video, saying “this is what happens when you take a dog to Petsmart who has lived her entire life in a puppy mill! She was just a little excited!”

The senior pup had every right to be excited as she ran around the store, enjoying the freedom and adventure she didn’t experience for the past decade. This little girl’s happiness is contagious!

Seeing Katarina so happy and excited could make any heart burst with joy. She is quickly making up for the cruelty that her previous owners showed her. Soon, she’ll make even more new memories and the time she spent at the puppy mill will seem like a bad dream.

Best of luck, Katarina!

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