Senior Dog Is Abandoned And Left To Die On A Busy Freeway, Until One Driver Spots Her

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Everyone hopes that their old age would be filled with peace and joy. No one ever thinks they’d be stranded outside in the cold, harsh world with nowhere left to go but into oncoming traffic.

Fae, a 10-year-old Chihuahua mix, ended up with a fate just like that. Fae’s owner cast her aside on a California interstate and left her to die. She could barely walk, and was in danger of become road kill very soon.

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Luckily for her, fate intervened in the form of a driver who was cruising down the 605. The moment the driver caught a glimpse of the struggling dog, he knew he had to stop. He went over and picked Fae up, and quickly realized she had been completely abandoned with nowhere to go.

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He brought her back home with him with the intention of taking care of her, but his wife didn’t want her there. So, with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes, the man surrendered Fae to the Baldwin Park Animal Services.

Once Fae was at the shelter, a long term volunteer named Gåtor heard of her awful story and immediately drove to the shelter. He instantly hit it off with Fae, and felt it was fate that gave him a new best friend on his 50th birthday.

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The shelter cleared the Fae’s adoption, and she now lives with Gåtor. She’s loving her new home and her new dad. We’re just glad she didn’t get hit by a car.

Facebook/At-Choo Foundation


Fae’s rescue story seems nothing short of a fairy tale. It had an awful beginning and ended with a happily ever after! We hope he remaining years are filled with peace and joy.

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