Screams From The Dark Uncover Old Dog By Hammer, Disposed Of Like Rubbish

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Why evil exists, we aren’t sure. Some say in order to have good, there must be evil. A balance of sorts. For helpless animals, we wish this weren’t true. We wish they never had a bad day in their lives.

Neighbors heard desperate cries coming from a trash container outside and called the authorities. The cries were unlike anything they’ve ever heard. Even the police were in shock. Were they cries of pain? Fear? Or both?

Source: Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

As they reached inside the garbage bin, they pulled out a dog wrapped inside a trash bag. The poor dog was put there by a monster! It was obvious that he was an older dog. You could see his cataracts and greying fur. Who would do such a thing? They scanned for a microchip but there wasn’t one.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

The authorities immediately contacted the local rescue. Viktor Larkhill and his team never turn away an animal in need. They came quickly and gave the dog a name: Koby.

They brought Koby to the medical center. He was covered in his own feces and urine from being in the plastic bag and trapped in the container. They bathed him. As they did, he cried and cried. It was heartbreaking.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

That’s when they realized he was having seizures. As they put Koby on the exam table, they could see he had a head wound. The vet assessed him. The shape of the wound was indicative of what a hammer would cause. Koby’s case just gets crueler by the second! Who would hit an innocent dog with a hammer?! Who could be so callous?! So inhumane?!

Source: Viktor Larkhill/YouTube

The medical team prepared a place for Koby to rest. As they did, they mixed up medication for his IV. He would get pain relief and anti-seizure medication, as well as fluids for hydration. Koby would sleep without pain, without suffering. Koby needs a lot of rest to get better. After lying him down, they put warm blankets on top of him, as you’ll see in the video posted below…

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