Scheduled To Be Euthanized The Next Day, Vet Tries One Last Thing To Save Dog’s Life

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Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio receives many animals. Some they can help, many they cannot. One particular puppy was set to be euthanized, but he left an imprint, a permanent pawprint on the veterinarian’s heart. That pawprint may just save his life…

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They named the four-month-old puppy “Squish” because of his deformed face. He was likely bitten by another dog and the wound became infected. This caused severe damage. Because of his deformity, he could not eat. The vet gave him intravenous antibiotics but nothing seemed to help. Squish continued to get worse due to lack of conventional nutrition.

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The date was set. Squish was to be put down. A last ditch effort was made in hopes of saving the poor pup. The vet, named Eileen Heldmann, scheduled special x-rays to be taken. They determined that he wasn’t simply bitten but bitten so hard that his skull and jaw were fractured. No wonder he couldn’t open his mouth! In order to survive, Squish would need several extensive surgeries and recovery time with medical care. It would be very expensive and require a serious commitment. Even then, the vet wasn’t sure if he would recover and be able to eat normally.

His euthanasia date remained on the books.

Danielle Boyd, an intern at the animal shelter, learned of the pup’s fate. Saddened, she decided to bring Squish home with her for his final night. She felt he deserved a night filled with love and compassion, without being stuck in a cage.

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Boyd couldn’t get over just how loving and kind this dog was — but how could he be if he was in so much pain? It didn’t make any sense! Still… what could be done? He was still set to be put down the very next day. Squish, like he did with Dr. Heldmann, left a pawprint on Boyd’s heart.

The very next morning, Boyd woke up determined to change the outcome. There was no way she would allow Squish to be put down, not if she had a say in it! Luckily, another person felt the same way… Dr. Heldmann.

The vet operated on Squish the next day! After some recovery time, Squish was able to eat on his own! Even though he lost some teeth, some of his jaw and an eye, he came through with flying colors! Dr. Heldmann was in disbelief! Boyd was elated!

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Boyd officially adopted Squish. She had lost her dog only a few weeks before meeting the puppy and was severely depressed. It seems that Boyd saved Squish– But Squish saved Boyd right back!

Source: Facebook/Danielle Boyd

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