Scared puppy found with trash has only two working legs, but a month later she finds a new family

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The adorable brown dachshund you’re about to meet in the video  was found in January. She was thrown away as if she was trash, but thankfully a good samaritan found her and saved her life.

When she was brought to veterinarians, they were glad to have this puppy in their loving and able hands. But they were horrified at what they found.

The dog, Frances, had a fractured spine. They thought she’d never be able to walk again, and the trauma she had gone through made her shiver in fear in most situations. But they remained optimistic and did everything they could to help her survive her heartbreaking start in the world. And they succeeded.

Now Frances is a two-legged, two-wheeled dachshund, and she is just as lovable as before.

Christine Gacono knows that.

Christine works for the Philadelphia Veterinary Medical Association and knows just how to take care of this disabled pooch. When you see her face as she waits to hold her for the first time, you can tell she’s going to smother this dachshund with nothing but love.

Her and her husband Kris look like one of the most excited and loving adoptive parents I’ve ever seen. Thankfully, Frances found a forever home that any dog would love to be a part of. Plus, she’ll have two dachshund siblings waiting to meet her too.

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