Scared Dog Cries As Family Drags Her By A Rope, Dumps Her At A High-K.ill Shelter

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Every day, we hear new incidents of people dumping their unwanted dogs in the most brutal manner. 2-year old Labrador mix, Maya, was crushed with betrayal when her family mercilessly dragged her by a rope and dumped her.

Facebook/Leslie Hennings


The video captures the terrified Maya, as she was yelled at by different members of the family, on the way to a shelter with a high kill-rate. The family dragged her impatiently, and no tears were shed. Even their little boy seemed eager to surrender her to death.

Thankfully, ‘Rescue Dogs Rock’ co-founder, Stacey Silverstein, saved Maya from her predicament. Stacey took her in and placed her under the care of the vets in Aldine Animal Hospital in Houston, Texas, where she was treated for heartworm.



The hospital staff found Maya to be extremely nervous and people-shy. Her abandonment experience had left her scarred and distrustful. Her caregivers are showering her with all their love and affection.

Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


Despite her cruel past, Maya remains sweet and loving. She enjoys being around kids. Rescue Dogs Rock workers hope that a happy home awaits her when they have her moved to New York. They can be reached at for adoption queries.

Click the video below to watch the heartbreaking moment when Maya got cruelly abandoned by the people she loved.

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