Scared Dog with Broken Heart Rescued After Owner Says He Didn’t Want Him Anymore

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When Howl of a Dog found an old dog roaming near a railroad station he was limping and his left eye seemed injured.

It was too risky to attempt a rescue there, as they were worried that he could run and get hit by a passing train. So, they followed him and tried to redirect him towards a safer place.

“It was quite a marathon as he ran away each time we approached him. But he eventually understood we are only trying to help him, or maybe the smell of the yummy treats finally reached his nose,” they wrote.

They took him to the vet right away and were surprised to discover he had a microchip and an owner, but were sad at what the owner had to say.

“We hoped a happy dog-owner reunion would follow, but when we contacted the registered owner he told us he does not want the dog back and asked us to take him,” Howl of a Dog said. “Apparently, Bobi (this is the name given by his owner) ran away from home and traveled quite a long distance, being found approximately 10 miles away from his home. We’ll never know why he left home and why he wasn’t wanted anymore, but we do not want to judge anyone, we’re just thankful that we were able to save him.”

The Romania rescue says Bobi is 9 years old and approximately 18 kg (39 lbs). He is “very gentle, loving and obedient and he is still playful and curious. It’s like he’s living now the puppyhood he missed.”

His rescuers have made sure he is fully vaccinated and neutered and say he’s now looking for a forever home where he can spend “his remaining years happy and loved”.

Howl of a Dog does allow international adoptions, and more information is available on their website.

Watch Bobi’s touching rescue in the video below. We’re glad he is in safe hands now!

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