Sanitation worker uncovers whimpering animal encased in hardening foam inside bin

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A sanitation worker in Oregon came across the most harrowing sight. On his route, while emptying receptacle bins, he heard faint cries. He looked deep inside one of the bins and found something that truly broke his heart. Someone had sprayed an innocent kitten with hardening foam then dumped him in the garbage.

Source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

“He looked like something out of a Halloween horror show,” Diane Healey, an employee at the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic, told FOX 12 News. “(He) obviously hadn’t been there too terribly long, or he would have suffocated. The head was covered, the face was covered, the legs were stiff, he couldn’t move them.”

Source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

“The driver took the garbage can back to the Hillsboro Garbage Disposal facility where shop staff worked together to remove the 8-week-old male kitten from the spray foam and take it to a local veterinarian for care,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement.

The statement continues:

“The trash can comes from a property with multiple structures, including two residences and several rented outbuildings. The kitten likely belongs to one of two different feral cats that live on the property, both with litters of kittens. With all the people coming and going from the property, it’s unclear who may be responsible for this act of animal cruelty.

Source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

The kitten is recovering at Washington County Animal Services’ Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter and is expected to make a full recovery.”

While his prognosis is good, we are floored that this horrible act of cruelty happened in the first place.

Anyone with information, please contact Cpl. Brandon Talbott at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office by calling 503-846-2700.

Source: Washington County Sheriff’s Office

For the full story, scroll down and watch the video below.

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