Sad Puppy Found Next To His Dead Mom In Road – Faced Shelter Wall For Days

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When Marley was first spotted, he was sitting next to the corpse of his dead mother, who had gotten hit by a car in Greece.

It’s unknown whether Marley’s mom was a feral dog that had always roamed the area, or if she belonged to someone at one point and was dumped on the streets.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

Either way, Marley was born on the streets and never had any social interaction with humans. He was also too young to fend for himself, which is why he waited by his deceased mother’s side for days.

Luckily, he was rescued just in time, but it would be anything but easy. It took rescuers quite some time to build Marley’s trust.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

He spent his first days in the shelter staring at the wall. He was so afraid and didn’t trust anyone. As the days went on, he began to accept human touch and finally started becoming more social with both humans and other dogs.

He ate out of people’s hands and would finally let people pet him. From there, he was put into a foster home, where his new foster dad trained him and helped show him what it takes to be a pet in a real home.

The Orphan Pet/Youtube

A month later, he had already improved so much and was permanently adopted into a loving forever home! He settled in well and even has new doggy siblings. He is spoiled rotten, finally has a soft bed to sleep in, and will feel unconditional love for the rest of his life!

Watch his rescue and incredible transformation in the video below:

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