The richest dog in the world possessing assets of 8.7 trillion has numerous caregivers and 12 private nurses

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Have you heard of the dog of Wang Sicong, a wealthy Chinese tycoon? It uses clothes and accessories from many famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, etc. even going with the owner of his own car to go out to England.

However, it is not the richest dog in the world! That person belonged to a German becgie named Gunther IV, who owned a fortune of $ 375 million, including a luxurious house that Madonna star once live in Miami and villas in Bahamas. It is considered the richest dog in the world!

Every morning he wakes up in a million-dollar house, has a lot of personal helpers, housekeepers and nannies. A total of 12 nanny care for its daily life. It also has a private swimming pool designed in a unique style, which is also processed by famous chefs around the world. He also can travel on luxury cars and have its own chauffeur and people love taking pictures with it.

You wonder how Gunther IV has so much money?

In fact, all this treatment comes from its “dog family” heritage. Gunther IV is the real “wealthiest dog generation”, and this fortune is inherited from its father, Gunther III.

The owner of Gunther III is Carlotta Libenstein, the Austrian Countess. She left a legacy worth $ 80 million for Gunther III when she died in 1992. The fund was then managed by a trustee organization. Then, thanks to the help of financial experts, the asset value is increasingly multiplying and the current assets are up to 375 million dollars.

Although the dog is very rich, it seems very lonely because there are no friends to play with him.

It also looks different from normal dogs.

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