Rescuer knows tiny pup is meant to be hers. This sweet recovery story will melt your heart

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A sweet little pup named Elliot weighed just three pounds when he was found on the side of a road and taken to a LifeLine Animal Project shelter in Georgia.

“He literally could fit in the palm of my hand,” Daphne Bragg with LifeLine told The Dodo. “Seeing a dog that small in such a big shelter in that condition … I wanted him to make it.”

So she took him home.

Bragg explained that she was surprised by Elliot’s friendly and outgoing personality.

“A human didn’t care for him, so the fact that he was so trusting and loving to a human, that’s not something you see every day,” she said.

Bragg already owned three pit bulls. While they were much larger and stronger than the tiny pup, Bragg says they sort of took him under their paws and were very gentle with him.

One of Elliot’s eyes was also extremely infected. Because of his size and lack of strength, the veterinarian didn’t recommend surgery and instead planned to remove the eye.

But soon the pup grew and thrived under the care of Bragg, and Elliot’s eye began to heal on its own.

“He actually fought off the infection,” Bragg said, and he didn’t need the eye removed.

Still, there was another obstacle Elliot needed to overcome. His front legs were bowing out and the pup had to wear casts.

“He did not let them (the casts) slow him down,” Bragg said. “Once he got them off it was kind of like he had to learn to walk again.”


Bragg said it was watching and following her other dogs that helped Elliot in the end. Now it’s as if Elliot never was that tiny, neglected pup at all.

“He’s super outgoing,” Bragg said. “He’s confident. He’s not afraid of anything. He definitely completed the pack … he’s one of the big dogs now.”

We’re so grateful for projects like LifeLine and for people like Bragg who put so much time and love into neglected and abandoned animals.



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