They Rescued An Old D.ying Dog Off The Streets So He Wouldn’t Have To Alone

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This dog, named Ol’ Boy, was born on the streets and lived there his whole life. This means he never felt love or the comfort of a warm home.

Living on the streets, he survived off of scraps given to him by local shopkeepers. Other than that, he was basically ignored his whole life.


But when he was heard howling in pain on the street, unable to move for three days, it was impossible for him to be ignored. Poor Ol’ Boy was lying in his own urine and feces, crying out for help.

Thankfully, his prayers were answered. A couple of men found him and rushed him to the vet, where they revealed his  bleak future. He had tick fever from hundreds of ticks that were embedded all over his body, his body was extremely weak and wasting away, and he likely had cancer.


Vets and his rescuers knew that Ol’ Boy didn’t have much time left, but they did know that they wanted to make his final days the best possible. They vowed to give him what he failed to feel his entire life: love and comfort.

They brought him home and kept him as comfortable as possible, syringing him water whenever he was thirsty, since he was too weak to get up to drink on his own.


Whenever he cried in pain, the boys made sure they were right by his side, petting him and letting him know that he wasn’t alone. Even their dogs stayed nearby, checking on him.

At 2 a.m., Ol’ Boy sat up on his own and drank water for the final time before peacefully passing away two hours later.


Although his time on Earth was cut short, Ol’ Boy died knowing he was loved. He died knowing what it was like to feel the comfort and warmth of a loving home.

They decided to cremate him and spread his ashes in an open field, where he can run free for all of eternity.

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